File:Johann Dallinger von Dalling - Entrance of the Emperor Franz I. Stephan and his son Joseph (II.) into Frankfurt on March 29, 1764 - Google Art Project.jpg
The entrance of Emperor Franz I. Stephan and his son Joseph (II.) into Frankfurt on March 29, 1764

Horse Drawn Carriages first “luxury vehicle”

The rich and wealthy often obtain and use horse drawn carriages driven by chauffeurs. This was an expression and symbol of peoples wealth and status. To show off their riches, the wealthy, often made their carriages more elaborate and used some of the finest horses to pull them. For centuries, the horse and carriage was the first “luxury vehicle.” Gold-gilded horse-drawn carriages with horsemen could typically be seen with royals travelling in splendour.

Nevertheless, the idea of hiring a wedding carriage, for splendour, is becoming very popular. The wedding day could be based on a royal theme, providing some uniqueness and a touch of elegance to the special occasion.  A perfect entrance  arriving in a horse-drawn carriage will make the arrival romantic, fun and memorable for everyone.

The wedding carriage has charm associated with it that is unmatched. perfect entrance to your big day, perfect entrance to your big day,

Limousin The French Region

Limousin is a sparsely populated historical region in south-central France. Mainly agricultural farmland with shepherds, covering the north western part of the rugged Massif Central mountains. Generally known for beef farming and its distinctive Limousin cattle.

It is one of the smallest regions with the smallest population in France deriving its name from the regional capital, Limoges, home to the Gothic cathedral Saint-Étienne. In one form or another the word has been taken worldwide to describe a type of motor car, the Limousine car, and a famous breed of beef cattle, Limousin cattle.  The cattle originates from this region, while the cars do not.

Limousine comes from ‘Limousin’, which is the former administrative region of France. From the 1 January 2016 Limousin became part of the new region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Now comprised of three departments: Corrèze, Creuse, and Haute-Vienne.

Locals in the Limousine area have been wearing distinctive hooded cloaks for centuries. These cloaks offer protection from the elements on those chilly nights in the soggy French countryside. Limousines also got its name from the  traditional French garment worn by shepherds